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Regular maintenance of your boiler and other gas appliances is highly recommended to ensure not only the safe operation of the appliance, but also to check that it is operating in the most efficient manner and to reduce the risk of a breakdown.

Over time, especially with boilers and fires, debris – flies, dust, sand and other particles make their way into the combustion chamber, or burner assembly, and can affect the combustion process. This results in reduced efficiency in the best case scenario, and a dangerous appliance in the worst.

The frequency of maintenance and service will depend upon the individual installation conditions and the appliance being used but, as a general guideline, once a year is usually sufficient.

If your boiler is new, an annual service is required by the manufacturer in order to validate the guarantee.

At Newton Heating and Plumbing our service would include a comprehensive strip down of the relevant parts of the appliance which are then thoroughly cleaned or if required replaced, a complete check of the installation for safety and conformity with current regulations and finally, combustion analysis readings are taken using specialized equipment to ensure that the appliance is working safely and efficiently and within the manufacturers recommendations*.

A service will not only give you peace of mind, but also help to extend the lifetime of your appliance whilst ensuring maximum efficiency during its use. This is why gas boiler manufacturers, Corgi, and Gas Safe Register recommend your boiler is serviced every year.

Finally, we also carry out Landlord's gas safety inspection and certification (CP12). Certification is now becoming more popular with homeowners who are selling their property, to show that their appliances are in good working order and have been looked after.

Whatever your requirements are, as part of our quality service to you, Newton Heating and Plumbing will add all installation and service customers to our database unless otherwise requested. This way we can notify you the following year when your service is due, so you won't need to worry about remembering yourself.

* There are further procedures to a standard service but these listed are the predominant ones.

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